Friday, February 7, 2020

Urban School District--Baltimore City Schools in MD Essay

Urban School District--Baltimore City Schools in MD - Essay Example This is because it encourages teachers to take control of their professional careers and improve their effectiveness. This effectiveness is enabled since teachers can now determine the pace at which they earn. Apart from school based programs, the other main attraction to both the teachers and the students towards Baltimore City School is its location. Being located in an urban area within the city of Baltimore; a city with beautiful attractions nice people and culture, makes it so affordable and interesting thus desirable for individuals to live in. Challenges that might be expected in Baltimore City Public School Considering the fact that Baltimore City Public School is an urban school, poses a great threat towards the school. This is because there are so many challenges associated with urban district schools. Some of these challenges include; Shortage of teachers, government oversight, politicized school boards, School staff accountability among others, funding for infrastructure. Some of the consequences that might result to affect the urban schools negatively when these problems are not solved in time include the following: Poor learning infrastructure such as classrooms might expose the student to harsh environmental conditions thus affecting their health, performance of the students might also deteriorate as a result of fewer teachers. This will be possible because the teachers might not be able to effectively manage a huge number of students. Teachers are also subjected to low earnings whenever students perform poorly thus reducing their morale when handling large classes of students (Richards & Farrell 78). How to address the challenges associated with the extreme urban district Some individuals have argued that treatment is better than cure. As in this case many will tend to agree with them. This is because the result of these challenges can be anticipated thus need for better preparation on how to handle them. For these measures to be handled speedily and without favor, it will require full involvement of every party which is at risk of being affected by these challenges. This is important not only because it will facilitate the speed of the work, but also because it will ensure that every individual is self motivated in order to achieve these goals. As for this case, one might involve both the teachers, students, parents and even government officials since all these people might be affected either directly or indirectly. For instance, the issue of teacher shortage can be addressed by requesting unattached teachers from the surrounding community to volunteer. On the other hand able parents can also be requested to finance these volunteering teachers. The pay cut on teachers’ salaries on account of poor performance by students can be handled by, calling on the government to look at it in perspective of teacher student ratio. It can also be handled by encouraging group discussion among students thus enhancing learning among students; this method can ease the teachers’ job since it will be easier to handle the groups compared to students. In order to solve any problem concerning schools, the school boards are always the key factors in their respective schools. As for the case of Baltimore City Public school, all the stakeholders are then expected to elect transparent

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