Sunday, February 23, 2020

USABILITY EVALUATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

USABILITY EVALUATION - Essay Example Navision then began to offer Navision Financials 1.0, an accounting and enterprise-resource planning solution application in 1990s. This application was then offered for Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Professional operating system, and Navision later in 2000 emerged with rival Damgaard. In 2002, Microsoft acquired Navision or $1.45 billion after acquisition of Great Plains of Software in 2000. While still using the same name, Microsoft continued to be innovative and eventually came up with a new department called Microsoft Business Solutions. The name Microsoft Dynamics then came to be in 2006 after Microsoft decided to rebrand Navision when it realized that it needed to have stronger brand for its several product brands that were equally under Microsoft Business Solutions. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP as an enterprise resource planning product is an initiative meant for the middle size organizations, subsidiaries and divisions of major organizations. Microsoft Dynamic ERP is composed of; The Dynamic CRM 2011 is remarked for being the Microsoft’s recent Customer Relationship Management application software which is geared towards the small to medium sized business markets (Dennison, 2011). With the increasing technological innovations and inventions, the hardware platforms upon which Microsoft Dynamics can be run have evolved from the initial stand along computers to laptops, palmtops and current into simple electronic devices such and the iphones. For the purpose of this usability evaluation on the effectiveness of Microsoft Dynamics, four participants were used. Two out of the four people used as the sample population were business operators while the other two were clients. All these individuals shared characteristics of using the Microsoft Dynamics in their operations of selling, buying, and window shopping for items that are available in the markets. The arrows indicate the direction of flow of tasks and

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